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Taskmaster: The Boardgame

Taskmaster: The Boardgame

Based on the UK television show on Dave. Taskmaster (the show) is hosted by comedians Alex Horne and Greg Davies, based on a performance by Alex Horne at the Edinburgh Fringe. Greg, the eponymous Taskmaster, is responsible for reading and scoring various tasks throughout the episode, which are given to five other comedians.

In Taskmaster: The Boardgame, players alternate the role of Taskmaster, while the remaining players carry out a zany, time-limited task to compete for the approval of said Taskmaster, who is responsible for scoring everyone's attempt.

The tasks are specified by cards associated with different rooms represented on a "plan view" of the Taskmaster house, which takes the form of the board: the lab, the living room, the kitchen, the garden. Players are then expected to complete the themed task using items from those rooms in their own venue.

Players are also expected to complete an additional secret task during the play session, and a final task that is given via a video by Alex who takes on the taskmaster role for that final round. After the final task, the player with the highest score is declared the winner.

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