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Don't Get Got: A Christmas Party Game

Don't Get Got: A Christmas Party Game

Don't Get Got! is a party game in which each player receives six secret missions. The first player to complete three of these missions wins.

You don't sit at a table to complete missions, though. This game is designed to run in the background of whatever else you have going on, which means you can play it anywhere — at home, on holiday, in the office, or yes, at a party.

Mission examples include getting a player to compliment your hair, hiding this card in a jar and getting another player to open it for you;, and making up a word and getting a player to ask what it means.


Extra pack of challenges to play over Christmas.
This game is all about completing secret missions. Each of the mission requires you to trick one of the other players. When you open the pack, it's really important that you read the rules and don't look at all the cards. Otherwise, you won't be able to play (and you just might ruin Christmas).


Player Count: 2- 8
Time: 30 mins - 30 years
Age: 14+

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