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Sat, 22 Jun



Blood On The Clock tower 22/06/24

A Social Deduction Game that keeps you guessing. Hours of fun!

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Blood On The Clock tower 22/06/24
Blood On The Clock tower 22/06/24

Time & Location

22 Jun 2024, 18:15 – 21:15 BST

Liverpool, 33a Cornhill, Liverpool L1 8DP, UK


About the event

Currently ranked #1 in Party Games on!!!

A LONG TIME AGO, in the sleepy town of Ravenswood Bluff, a scream echoed down the vine-covered stones of its twisting alleyways during a hellish thunderstorm at the stroke of midnight.

The startled townsfolk rushed to the town square, only to discover the local storyteller had been murdered, their body impaled on the hour hand of the town clock, blood dripping onto the cobblestones below. Fear replaced curiosity when it became clear that a demon was on the loose, killing by night and taking on human form by day.

Every townsfolk had some information, but the demon and its evil minions spread lies to confuse and sow suspicion over the fiend's identity. Would the good folk solve the puzzle in time, or would evil overrun this once peaceful town?

Blood on the Clocktower is a social game of deduction and deception, murder and mystery, for 5 to 20 players. During the day, players converse as a group or engage in private conversations to gather information, share what they know, or spread lies. At night, players close their eyes, while some good players wake to learn valuable information, and the demon and its minions wake to spread their mischief.

Each player is a unique character, with a powerful ability to use or a troublesome penalty to avoid. Clocktower is mostly a talking game, with almost no physical pieces for players to use. Victory or defeat hinges on players' wits, insight, and persuasive powers on deciding who should live and who should die.

In Blood on the Clocktower, unlike many other social deduction games, death marks a new beginning, not the end. Dead players retain a significant role, and in fact, certain characters might find their journey beyond the grave extraordinarily advantageous.

In a captivating three-hour window, you'll have the privilege of immersing yourself in two engrossing games. The journey begins with the beginner script, "Trouble Brewing", a seamless introduction to "Blood on the Clocktower" for newcomers, and an invigorating warm-up for seasoned players. The second game, selected from 'The Base 3' based on group consensus, could either be a revisit to "Trouble Brewing", or an adventurous leap into advanced scripts such as "Bad Moon Rising" or "Sects & Violets".

Each game is expertly crafted to captivate and engage, catering to a diverse spectrum of player preferences. Opting for "Trouble Brewing" a second time provides players an opportunity to refine their understanding and experiment with innovative strategies. Conversely, "Bad Moon Rising" and "Sects & Violets" offer intricate scripts for the thrill-seekers in search of a more challenging experience, inviting players to explore the depths of Blood on the Clocktower. Whatever the choice, be prepared for an evening pulsating with intrigue, deception, and exhilarating twists and turns.

What Are The Base 3 Editions?

Trouble Brewing

Trouble Brewing offers a little bit of everything. Some characters passively receive information, some need to act to learn others' identities, while some aim to lure the Demon into attacking them. Both good and evil can gain the upper hand through well-timed sacrifices. Trouble Brewing is a relatively straightforward Demon hunt, but evil can spread dastardly misinformation, so good players should question their beliefs to survive. This edition is BEGINNER-FRIENDLY, recommended for players new to Blood on the Clocktower or social deception games...

Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising is a death extravaganza. Demons kill multiple times per night, and Minions get in on the action too. Good players can take great risks to gain reliable information, but they may accidentally kill their friends in the process. There are many ways to keep players alive long past their use-by date. If the good team cannot determine which Minions and Demons are in play, their doom is all but certain. This edition is INTERMEDIATE, recommended for proactive players who are dedicated to teamwork and not afraid of dying...

Sects & Violets

Sects & Violets is the wildest of the 3 editions included in the base set. Good characters receive amazing information every night. However, the evil team is extremely varied and threatening, capable of throwing massive confusion into the mix. Characters can change alignment, players change characters, and even the evil team can lose track of who is who. This is the first appearance of madness, which throws all manner of spanners into the works. This edition is INTERMEDIATE, recommended for players who enjoy wild and unexpected gameplay, pushing the limits of a bluffing game...

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