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Trivia - Film Fanatic

Trivia - Film Fanatic

Overview of Film Fanatic Trivia Card Game

Pass the popcorn! Find out who will be the star of trivia night by answering these questions all about the silver screen.

Lights, Camera, Bring On The Action! 

Step into the world of cinema with Film Fanatic Trivia, the captivating travel-sized card game designed for movie buffs. Challenge your film knowledge and engage in thrilling gameplay wherever you go.

Challenge Your Trivia Loving Friends

Earn points for each correct answer you give. Score two points for correctly answering without the multiple-choice options. Need a little help? Opt for the multiple-choice answers and earn one point for each correct response.

Who Will Be The Star Of Trivia Night?

Do you know who directed The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, and Elvis? Or Which member of the Fantastic Four Chris Evans played before he was Captain America? Think you know? Give it a go at your next movie night!

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