D&D Wed 17th August 6-9pm

D&D Wed 17th August 6-9pm

D&D for beginners!


Wednesday 17th August, 6-9pm. 


Always wanted to have a go at playing Dungeons & Dragons, but never been able to get peoples schedules together together to play a campaign? No worries! Aidan is a DM with far too much time on their hands and has crafted a bunch of one-shot campaigns especially for introducing the tabletop role-playing game to people who’ve never played before!

The sessions will be suitable for anyone who’s never actually sat down and played, so you can have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the rules and lore, have absolutely no idea what the game even involves, or anywhere in between, as long as you’re a beginner to actual play you’re welcome to join!

Basic character sheets will be provided so all you need to do is think of a name for your character (pre-made characters are welcome, just make sure they’re level 1 and don’t use any expansions or home-brewing)

So come along and dive right in to a fun few hours of carefully crafted storytelling, which can turn upside down at a moments notice with player choices and dice role. 


Sadly, this ticket is non-refundable, as we have to pay Aidan whether you attend or not - you are welcome to pass your ticket on to a friend if something comes up last minute though :)


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