Caverna: Cave vs Cave is the two player re-implementation of Caverna. During the game, players will be competing to make the best cave for their dwarven tribe. They will be doing this by excavating the cave and constructing new rooms both for living quarters and to obtain resources.

The mechanics are similar to a worker-placement game, but instead of placing a worker, players take actions for their sole use. Each round players take a set number of actions, which increases as the game goes on. These actions can be used to excavate the cave, obtain more resources, or take actions from built rooms. Players will only start with one excavated room, so one action they can take. As the game progresses and rooms are built, the variety of actions will grow.

Rooms can only be built if the walls are in the right configuration for them. Some rooms must have a specific wall configuration, whereas others have a few more options. There is only a limited supply of walls, and limited options to build these. Players must be strategic with where to place their walls so they can keep building their cave.

Players have to be careful to manage their resources as they need to ensure they have enough resources to be able to build rooms. However, at the end of the game gold is the only resource worth points so players need to be sure they don’t have too many resources which go to waste.

The player with the highest total points from rooms built and gold collected wins.

Caverna: Cave vs Cave also comes with a solo mode where a player can build up their cave, trying to get as many points as possible, to see if they can beat their previous best.


Number of Players: 2
Game Length: 20-40 minutes
Age: 10+

Caverna - CaveVs Cave


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