We are temporarily Closed due to the Covid19 Outbreak

This doesn't mean you have to stop playing games! 

We are posting games on our facebook page daily so that you can play along. 



Print and Play games at home!

Follow the link below to print your own games to play at home - including Dixit, Unlock, Dobble and more!



We have also been testing out playing some games via zoom - a platform that enables video calls for multiple people at a time.We have found that the following games work well - so long as one person owns the game so they can host it!


Wavelength is a social guessing game in which two teams compete to read each other's minds. Teams take turns rotating a dial to where they think a hidden bullseye is located on a spectrum. One of the players on your team — the Psychic — knows exactly where the bullseye is, and draws a card with a pair of binaries on it (such as: Job - Career, Rough - Smooth, Fantasy - Sci-Fi, Sad Song - Happy Song, etc). The Psychic must then provide a clue that is *conceptually* where the bullseye is located between those two binaries.

For example, if the card this round is HOT-COLD and the bullseye is slightly to the "cold" side of the centre, the Psychic needs to give a clue somewhere in that region. Perhaps "salad"?

After the Psychic gives their clue, their team discusses where they think the bullseye is located and turns the dial to that location on that spectrum. The closer to the center of the bullseye the team guess, the more points they score!

To play online - one person needs to own the game and have it facing the camera - players who are guessing need to close their eyes as you reveal the hidden answer to the person giving the clue - then let the discussion begin!! We found that the writing on the cards was a bit too small to see via the webcam, so we wrote them out on post-it notes to make it clearer!

Just One!

Just One is a cooperative party game in which you play together to discover as many mystery words as possible. Find the best clue to help your teammate. Be unique, as all identical clues will be cancelled!

A complete game is played over 13 cards. The goal is to get a score as close to 13 as possible. In case of a right answer, the players score 1 point. In case of wrong answer, they lose the current card as well as the top card of the deck. Thus losing 2 points. In case of lack of answer, the players only lose the current card, and therefore only 1 point.

You have the choice – make the difference!

To play online, hold the card with the 5 words up to the camera - the person who is guessing must close their eyes and choose a number - that is the word the other players need to give clues for. Once everyone has a clue, the guesser must close their eyes again so that you can check no one has duplicated their clues. 


You can play codenames online using this website - https://www.horsepaste.com/sugaranddice



In Concept, your goal is to guess words through the association of icons. A team of two players – neighbors at the table – choose a word or phrase that the other players need to guess. Acting together, this team places pieces judiciously on the available icons on the game board.

To get others to guess "milk", for example, the team might place the question mark icon (which signifies the main concept) on the liquid icon, then cubes of this color on the icons for "food/drink" and "white". For a more complicated concept, such as "Leonardo DiCaprio", the team can use the main concept and its matching cubes to clue players into the hidden phrase being an actor or director, while then using sub-concept icons and their matching cubes to gives clues to particular movies in which DiCaprio starred, such as Titanic or Inception.

The first player to discover the word or phrase receives 2 victory points, the team receives points as well, and the player who ends up with the most points wins.

To play online, we uploaded a photo of the board into Microsoft paint. We used Zoom to host our web chat - we 'shared the screen' with other players so all could see the board, and then used the tools on Paint to highlight clues!

Write a story!

We will keep testing out different games and posting the results here!

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